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U.S.A. - Boston 2009


160m position @ K1LZ CQ WW CW M/M

In October 2009, Krassy Petkov K1LZ invited me to participate with an international team as Multi Multi in the CQ WW CW.

My sincere gratitude to Krassy and his wife Krassimira for the invitation, this was one of the best weeks I have spent with my friend Krassy! These two people are like family to me...

During this trip I enjoyed the pleasent company of my good friends Miki YU1AU (N8BO), Velimir YT3WW (K3JO), Mladen YT6W (NU5Y) and Ahram (KB1RDZ).
I need to mention that I never met anyone like Velimir K3JO, this guy is the brain under K1LZ when talking about antennas, electronics, radios!

The team consisted in:
160m - CT1ILT, W1UE
80m - K1LZ, N8BO
40m - NU5Y, K3LP
20m - N2OW, K1VR
15m - N9YU, KB1TKJ
10m - K3JO, K3LP

Check out the score HERE

For some more details check Krassy's webpage K1LZ

Before and after the contest I made over 2000 QSOs as W1/CT1ILT
QSL cards are available...