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Turks and Caicos 2004


Bellow there are 2 audio files from my operation as VP5/CT1ILT:

Recorded by UA1AKE - 160m CW
Recorded by M0CLW - 15m SSB


One of my dreams became true in 2004 an enormous thank YOU to David Kopacz KY1V and Stacy Kopacz. They really make dreams come true! A big respectful hug to them!!

The story....

This was the second year, David Kopacz KY1V, was sponsoring one young ham operator (under 21) to join the team for CQ WW SSB with an all expanse paid trip to Turks and Caicos Isl.

I have been telling my parents the whole summer that I only needed to send an essay of 500 words in English to qualify for this dream. It took me some days to convince them that this was an all expense paid trip and the year before a young ham (my friend Daniel W2AU) from the USA was selected. Of course they were concerned of my safety so they had to think about it for a while.. Anyhow I was almost certain they were going to allow me send the application so I wrote it while they were thinking about it and when they gave me green light to send it I immediately emailed it to David. I can tell you that from the moment I sent the application until the selection was announced the days looked like years!!

I have to be honest; I didn't think I was going to be chosen. The main reason was that a flight ticket from Portugal to Turks and Caicos Islands wasn't that cheap!

September 1st, before being made public at the web page, I received an email from David announcing that I was the young ham selected for the CQWW SSB in Turks and Caicos Islands. You can't imagine how happy I was. I just couldn't believe. I think there are no words to describe my happiness. I think my parents got a little worried cause they also thought I wasn't going to be selected!

I immediately called David to thank for choosing me, he and Stacy really made my dream come true!

After this thrilling begining of September and after exchanging several emails with David, he proposed me to go to his house for 3 days before going to Turks and Caicos! Of course I accepted and I can tell you that this was a beautiful trip to Hopkinsville Kentucky. I will never forget the day I arrived in the Nashville airport and David was there to pick me up. What I felt will stay with me forever!

While at Hopkinsville I had time for everything. David and Stacy took me for some sightseeing and I even operated from KY1V's beautiful station as W4/CT1ILT.

Something I need to mention too is that Mr and Mrs Kopacz have 4 beautiful loving children!

After 3 beautiful days in Kentucky it was time for us to go to Turks and Caicos. We took off from Nashville towards Atlanta and then from Atlanta to Providenciales, the main Island of the Turks and Caicos group.

While on the plane I took the most beautiful pictures from some islands which I believe it were the Bahamas. I didn't sleep a single minute on the plane just see take pictures. I "only" took 800 pictures during the entire trip from Portugal to Turks and Caicos.

When we arrived in Provo we had to pick our licences from Jody VP5JM so we drove to her house and I can tell you that she lives in one of the most beautiful place I have ever seen.. gorgeous view to the Caribbean sea.

So, after picking up our licences we had to fly on this very little plane to North Caicos Island. Check out the pictures in the photo section.. I don't need to comment them, it's absolutely indescribable the view over the Caicos Islands.

In North Caicos Island we were driven by the local taxi, which had a van with a licence plate saying JESUS hehe. After getting at La Villa Rose in Whitby David gave me one of the best drinks I ever tasted....RUM this drink is the perfect drink for the weather we had. so the first day we (KY1V and me) just drunk Rum Punch and operate radio...on the following days the other team members arrived N0VD, K0RAY and WA4PGM.

During the week we checked all the antennas and we still had to fix a problem we had on the 2element for 40m. After fixing all the problems we still had time to go to Grand Turk Island for some scuba diving and snorkeling which was fantastic.

During my stay I experienced amazing conditions, working USA ASIA and EUROPE all at the same time. never seen it before.

We participated in the contest as Multi Single and our score ended up with the total of: 7397 QSOs / 162 Zones / 603 DXCC and 13.676.670 Points.

We were #1 Caribbean

You can check our 3830 report at: 2004-November/096459.html

Finally I want to thank David Kopacz KY1V and Stacy Kopacz for giving me this unique opportunity and they know that they will always have a special place in my heart!